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Our Introductory Workshop:"The Company Dashboard"

Your Roadmap to a Company Dashboard

Your ½ Day Introduction to KPIs for the Corporate Dashboard

What's In the Training?

This half-day, onsite workshop takes up to 10 attendees through the high-level journey to develop strategic KPIs for the entire organization.

Through a series of presentations and interactive group breakout sessions, participants explore strategic business model mapping, key performance questions (KPQ) and key performance indicators (KPI). 

Participants gain a structured understanding of the value of a company dashboard and the best-practices roadmap to getting there.


What's the Value?

  • Learn why only you can pick the right KPIs for your organization
  • Explore the value of strategic KPIs with an executive leadership team and beyond
  • Develop a team understanding of the challenges getting to value with a shared company dashboard - and why it's so easy to fail
  • Evaluate whether you are truly ready to purchase dashboard software or consulting services
  • Avoid organizational flailing with your time, money and key resources

Who Should Attend?

The training is targeted at for-profit and not-for-profit organizations preparing to move forward with dashboard KPIs, infrastructure or data warehouse consulting. 

  • C-Suite executives determined to get a better view of their business and communicate their needs to IT
  • Information Technology teams tasked with dashboard creation
  • Analysts charged with the task of identifying the "right" key performance indicators
  • Anyone frustrated with previous attempts to create meaningful KPIs 

Your Roadmap to a Company Dashboard

Company dashboard and Strategic Value Proposition Alignment