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Free Brown Bag:"Designing a Better KPI Dashboard"

Enjoy a Complimentary Presentation on IT & Business Alignment

An Engaging "Brown Bag" Presentation That Explores Dashboards,  Value Propositions and KPIs

IT & Business Alignment Challenges Span Temperament, Language and Technology

Are these business challenges familiar?

  • Data projects aren't aligned around defined business outcomes
  • Technology for technology's sake
  • Projects aren't linked to value creation
  • Project success can't be measured (or justified)

And how about these dashboard challenges?

  • Dashboards usage fades immediately after launch
  • KPIs are arbitrary or created by committee
  • Dashboards don't drive actionable insight
  • IT tasked with defining dashboard elements

Learn Our Framework for Business and IT Alignment

Host a 1-Hour Onsite "Brown Bag" Presentation

Learn the Bartlett System framework for Business & IT Alignment.

This interactive conversation helps business and IT professionals find a common data-driven language for actionable dashboards aligned to critical business goals.

If you've struggled to create KPIs and dashboards that drive business outcomes, this complimentary introduction to our approach is for you.


You Will Learn How KPIs Can Frame Your Team's Work 

  • Defining success before kick-off
  • Using metrics to manage scope - and focus
  • Creating a system for business and IT to "prove" success
  • Learn to use KPIs to drive action not reflection

Action Not Reflection - A Better Vision

  • Learn the common errors in KPI creation
  • Discover how to simplify your approach to metric creation
  • Frame project conversations around value creation
  • Push back on data projects that don't support the business model
  • Simplify business and IT conversations through a shared North Star

Whether you are in the business or IT, this one-hour talk is ideal for your:

  • Team events and training sessions
  • Brown Bag lunch presentations
  • IT and business teams preparing to embark on a project together
  • Business leaders seeking to focus their teams on specific outcomes
  • Directors interested in how KPIs can measure and guide their team's efforts
  • Anyone organizational leader frustrated with their track record in dashboards and reporting
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