Organization Exist to Create Value 

When they stop creating value or the challenges of creating that value (the friction) becomes unsustainable, they die.

As CEO, you own your company's roadmap of value and friction. When you guide your team strategically, the organization uses its resources efficiently and with purpose.

"The CEO alone owns this direction. The compass is yours."

The framework in this guide is designed to daylight the value and friction points that guide - or should guide - your relationships, processes and systems.

Where Is Your Leadership Working at Cross Purposes? 

There is often an assumption that a leadership team is on the same page because everyone is working at the same place. Of course they do. Right?

But a thoughtful level-set can demonstrate that they're not - even in areas that seem self-evident to a CEO.

This playbook facilitates that discovery process - and lays the groundwork for aligned organizational initiatives and investment.

"Many organizations have massive internal disconnects regarding their value proposition for customers, employees and partners."

Bartlett Value Wheel DropshadowWhat's in the CEO Playbook?

This easy-to-follow playbook lays out a simple set of whiteboard exercises to establish whether your leadership team is on the same page as you.

Questions the playbook explores:

  • Does your team have the same understanding of the value proposition as you?
  • Do your customers and employees agree with your value proposition?
  • Where does your organization's value prop create points of friction to manage?
  • What do I do if there are disconnects?

Before building out a CEO dashboard, before spending another dollar on analytics, before digitally transforming, and before your next team retreat - make sure you're clear on your team's alignment with your value proposition.

Download Your Free CEO Playbook on Value & Friction.