Are you convinced your leadership team understands your business model? 

The CEO's role in communicating the organization's business model creates the foundation for all downstream value creation.

Bartlett System CEO Business Model Assessment

The assessment exercise in this guide is designed to identify gaps in CEO clarity and communication.

When the model is poorly defined or misunderstood by the leadership team, resources are wasted, political tensions arise, and growth is hampered. 

What are the dangers of misalignment and confusion? 

  • Your business becomes a cobbled collection of revenue streams, reactive value propositions, and ad-hoc responses to opportunities
  • Your leadership team has difficulty prioritizing initiatives
  • There is no alignment on which KPIs are critical for growth
  • Your business struggles to scale
  • The team can't focus with competing value propositions
  • Political tensions emerge over resources and budget

It is extremely difficult to assess a business model without a systematic approach that can be revisited over time. 

We've taken the guesswork out of this problem and provided you with a coherent and logical approach.

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