Bartlett System Value Wheel - CEO Playbook

Where does the CEO fit in the Analytics Lifecycle? 

CEOs have the first - and most critical role - in supporting an organization's analytics strategy. Yet many CEOs don't understand what is expected from them - or even where to start.

This accessible presentation provides a high-level foundation for how to direct and support your team. And the playbook illustrates why you're the only one who can own some of the key tasks  - and what happens when you don't.

"Many CEOs don't understand what is expected of them with advanced analytics or what happens in the vacuum of their strategic leadership"

This easy-to-follow playbook also clarifies the elements outside the realm of a CEO's responsibilities.

Questions you may recognize:

  • How do I help my team deliver ROI from analytics?
  • How deep 'in the weeds' of advanced analytics do I personally need to get?
  • How do I evaluate what's working and then hold my team accountable?
  • Is there a way to get a CEO dashboard of our entire analytics investment?

There is. And you can. We'll get you started.

Make the task simpler with this insightful overview. Get the playbook now.