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CEO Dashboards - The Definitive Guide

CEO Dashboards - The Definitive Guide

"CEO Dashboards - The Definitive Guide" - Whether you are in the early planning stages of building a dashboard, deep into design and creation, or sifting though the aftermath of an effort gone sideways - this complimentary white paper is for you.

Download Our Definitive Guide to CEO Dashboards

"A great dashboard tells an executive if their strategy is actually working."

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Your CEO is unhappy with their dashboard (or doesn't have one)
  • You’re on the hunt for the right KPIs
  • You’ve been tasked with building a dashboard
  • Your CEO got the dashboard they asked for - but it wasn't what they wanted and you're not sure why
  • You’re trying to create clarity for your chief executive
  • You’re not sure how to create truly “actionable” data

What If Your Dashboard...

  • Showed you why your strategy was working - or where to fix it if it wasn't?
  • Was your go-to tool for executive alignment?
  • Measured the vital signs of your enterprise?
  • Enabled delegation top-down and innovation bottom-up?
  • Stabilized your strategy

What’s in the Definitive Guide?

  • A framework for selecting KPIs
  • Clarity on what an executive dashboard is (and isn't)
  • The connection between your business model and your dashboard
  • Our "7 Dashboard Warning Signs" Checklist 
  • A roadmap to create executive alignment with the dashboard itself
  • A structured methodology to select KPIs

Download Our Definitive Guide to CEO Dashboards

Checklist of 7 Questions to Ask About Your CEO Dashboard