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It Would Seem Like the Simplest Question

Feb 13, 2018 5:31:43 PM / by Adam Nathan

"What is our value proposition?"

You would think that everyone in an organization - and certainly everyone on the same leadership team - would identify a common value proposition for their customers.

Surely the CXOs are on the same page.

I mean they must be.

Value Proposition Marketing - Bartlett System

How could we have gotten this far! We all work in the same organization, we gather in the same conference rooms, we work on the same projects, we budget together.

We dine with the same customers!

We know it's not what it says on the website. That's all wrong. But that was just marketing. They never get it.

They nagged us about it, and then just wrote whatever. What they always write. The usual stuff.

But, come on, we know why our customers stay with us. Right?


Daylight Disconnects in Your Value Proposition

Sometimes the simplest questions lead to organizational breakthroughs.

In the latest downloadable eBook in our CEO Playbook series, we focus on whether your leadership team is working towards the same goals and solving for the same problems.

CEO Playbook - Value Proposition and Friction

Through a guided set of exercises you can uncover surprising internal disconnects, and prepare yourself for the same gut-check with your customers.

And then lather and repeat with your employees, your partners and your vendors.

Deliver the value people want or watch your business - and your employees and your partners - disappear.

The worst that can happen with these simple exercises is to learn that everybody's on the same page. Maybe update the website a little bit. That would be fine.

And pat yourselves on the back if you've got this right.

Because many leadership teams can't name the same core values they are trying to deliver for their customers - or what they do identify is generic and undifferentiated from their competitors.

Our CEO Playbook Series

This CEO Playbook is the third in our series. Together the playbooks scope the "top down" responsibilities of a CEO in an organization's analytics strategy.

CEO Playbook Analytics Strategy Bartlett System
Our first CEO Playbook set the stage for the full lifecycle of an iterative Analytics Strategy. You'll find it here.

CEO Playbook Business Model Alignment Bartlett System

Our second looks at Business Model Alignment. You'll find it here.

They're fun. They're free.

And they lay the groundwork for a meaningful "test drive" with The Bartlett System.

Download the playbook, think through the questions, and then let's talk about whether a trial consulting engagement makes sense.


Topics: CEO, Strategy, Value & Friction

Adam Nathan

Written by Adam Nathan

Adam has been called "the John Ive of business simplification." He brings twenty years of experience helping business and non-profit leaders drive value with actionable insights. As a long-time business owner and CEO himself, he understands that creating value from information is never a given and that creating a data driven culture is a learned skill.

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