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Jan 5, 2018 4:57:17 PM / by Adam Nathan posted in Actionable Insights, Other Voices, Other Blogs


"Why You Should Quit Brainstorming KPIs" - Stacey Barr

"KPI and measure selection is not a creativity exercise." I love this quote.

Stacey Barr, an Australian-based expert on defining and implementing key performance indicators, wrote a recent column about the pitfalls of brainstorming KPIs.

With her reliably cogent, analytical and thoughtful perspective, she makes a case against open-ended KPI definition sessions (vague goals, persuasion contests, and shallow levels of detail). If you don't now about her already, Stacey is a must have for your KPI RSS feed.

More links to stand-out articles from the last few weeks below the fold.


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