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Driving Data ROI from the Executive Suite

Feb 28, 2018 2:56:29 PM / by Adam Nathan

In the daily bombardment of unsolicited email, pop-up video with every swipe, and newsfeeds crowded with calls-to-action, it is increasingly difficult to draw attention to one's company and value proposition.

This week we rolled out an interactive presentation called "Driving Data ROI from the Executive Suite." It is the first of a larger set of releases that share the vision and value of The Bartlett System.

Here's the non-interactive video presentation... 

With a highly visual and interactive tool, we think we've found an approach that is engaging, non-intrusive and allows our site visitors to navigate our offering at their own speed and appropriate to their level of interest.

So much of what we teach stresses the need for direct "whiteboard" communication from organizational leadership.

We hope that the way we present our own business captures that same spirit of simplicity - and innovation.

This week we launched the first of these multi-part interactive presentations. This release focused on our coaching work with CEOs. Eventually, the set of releases will:

  • Explain our value proposition
  • Tell our company story
  • Display our most flattering testimonials ;-)
  • Clarify what "The Bartlett System" is, who it's for, and how it works
  • Share the story behind our name, our logo (AI-generated!) and our brand colors

The interactive presentation will be presented in two formats. The first is on recorded video (above, or on our home page).

Additionally, the presentation will be available for self-directed navigation where users can drive where they wish (below, or here.)

Here's the presentation in its interactive format... 

This is still in a "warts-and-all" phase of work.

We'd be delighted to get your feedback - positive and negative - and we promise to listen thoughtfully to both.

If you've read this far, thank you for being a part of this exciting adventure to change the way organizations align their business models to technology projects.

  • Enjoy the new tool
  • Like and share with others (you know the drill)
  • Leave your thoughts (constructive or otherwise!) below

And check out our latest CEO Playbook!

Download Your Value Prop Playbook

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Adam Nathan

Written by Adam Nathan

Adam has been called "the John Ive of business simplification." He brings twenty years of experience helping business and non-profit leaders drive value with actionable insights. As a long-time business owner and CEO himself, he understands that creating value from information is never a given and that creating a data driven culture is a learned skill.

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