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A Playbook for Event Execs Everywhere: Achieving Your Return on Event (ROE)

Jul 25, 2018 9:30:00 AM / by Adam Nathan

Bartlett 818

Event Marketing, Data and Return on Event (ROE)

Events have remarkably similar attributes to planning and running any other large-scale, data-driven business — whether an event is your core business or an extension.

In a guest post for the 818 Agency, we explore how to establish a "return on event" with the same data-driven tools that are used to measure a business strategy.

We're thrilled to work with 818, the creator of award-winning business content, publishing and Facebook ad campaigns for the world's finest trade shows, conferences, and B2B brands.

Read the Bartlett System blog entry here. And then let us know how 818 and the Bartlett System can support your next event.

Learn How to Calculate Your ROE


Topics: Strategy

Adam Nathan

Written by Adam Nathan

Adam has been called "the John Ive of business simplification." He brings twenty years of experience helping business and non-profit leaders drive value with actionable insights. As a long-time business owner and CEO himself, he understands that creating value from information is never a given and that creating a data driven culture is a learned skill.

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