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7 Strategic Questions That Drive Project Success & Failure

Jul 24, 2018 10:00:00 AM / by Adam Nathan

7 Strategic Questions Bartlett System Project Planning

Months of Work, a Party in the Break Room and a Lackluster Thank You

Let’s go out on a limb and guess that you know this story:

After months of hard work, late-breaking changes in scope, and a heroic team effort, your IT project winds down to completion. There's a party in the break room, a dutiful executive thank you, and the obligatory post-mortem. Yes, there's cake.

Some of your team members think the project was a success. Others see it as a disappointment. But no one really knows the final verdict. Did it work? Not work? Meet expectations? Was the ROI there? Does anybody know?

Why is this?

Why isn’t a project’s success or failure clearer, less arbitrary, and as straightforward as the outcome of a baseball game? Shouldn't it be?

Yes, It Should Be

In a guest blog for Logic 20/20, one of Seattle's premiere technology and business consulting firms, we look at 7 best practices to help IT take ownership of the terms of success and failure - while helping the organization as a whole stay focused, aligned and entrepreneurial about a major initiative.

Take a look and share your thoughts. Are these the right questions? Did we miss something key? What else comes to mind?

Read "7 Strategic Questions" at Logic 20/20.

Read 7 Strategic Questions


Adam Nathan

Written by Adam Nathan

Adam has been called "the John Ive of business simplification." He brings twenty years of experience helping business and non-profit leaders drive value with actionable insights. As a long-time business owner and CEO himself, he understands that creating value from information is never a given and that creating a data driven culture is a learned skill.

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