"Adam Nathan is the John Ive of business simplification. He’s the rare bird where you know instantly that he’s there for your success. It was a great, great day."

Amy Rutt, CEO, Ciracom


"Adam’s genius zone resides in his ability to bring a keen business eye and ear to the complexities of data. Although he works in data, Adam does not view data itself as the goal. For Adam, solving a business problem is the true goal; data is a tool to help do that. In his engagement with us, as he was helping us to build out a dashboard for our clients,

Adam continually compelled us to answer the question, ‘What is the particular challenge we were trying to solve?’ It sounds simple enough, but only by staying focused on that question could we begin to understand the KPIs we needed to measure and include in our dashboard. As a result of his focus and guidance, we saved countless hours and dollars in our process"

Mark White, Co-Founder & President, content26


"Adam is a true innovator who challenges status quo thinking and pushes those he works with to be better. I have benefited greatly from his guidance and mentorship, and relentless pursuit of excellence. He is thoughtful and results focused. He is great at presenting complex ideas in a way they can be understood."

Anne Ruybalid, Director of the School of Business, Marylhurst University


"Adam is brilliantly skilled at synthesizing ideas and shows genuine passion in helping others use data to deliver value. The investments we made in working with Adam were worth every penny. Without any hesitation, I give Adam my highest recommendation."

Judie Jaeger, Director Information Systems & Business Intelligence at Seattle Public Schools


"Having Adam from Bartlett Systems walk us through the “Business Canvas” tool was incredibly helpful and insightful. In a few hours, he walked us through a structured process that helped bring to the forefront what our company needed to think more deeply about and how some of the opportunities we are developing today could fuel new growth opportunities that would differentiate us in the marketplace.  

Most importantly, the “Business Canvas” tool provided us a process to visualize the company’s priorities in the minds of each key team member and where we needed to bring everyone into closer alignment."

Simon Moy, CEO, Aim Data


"Adam’s ability to empathize with the customer and keep technical conversations practical was a much-needed influence on our teams. In the rush to statistical significance in Big Data & BI, we often miss the critical steps between business vision, data exploration, and action.

Finding the right question to ask, is just as important as finding the right answer. Adam consistently articulated this to our BI practice and demonstrated it to our clients."

Reinhart Kelbert, Scrum Master at ProKarma


"Adam brings an unmatched clarity to the table which allows him to quickly get a handle on what's necessary and what's not. And he's got such vast technical expertise when it comes to data warehousing, he makes architecting a workable solution look easy."

Eric Holthe, Business Program Manager – HR, Microsoft


"I have worked with many professionals throughout my career. When I began working with Adam, I could tell that he was smart, talented, hardworking and a man of integrity. Those adjectives still ring true today. I would not have any reservations in working side by side with Adam on any project or business venture. He is a TRUE professional and business man."

Tommie Joe, Chief Strategy Officer at Jacoby & Meyers


"Adam took on the tough challenge of educating our business users on not only the value of a data warehouse but also how to think about our data analytically. He taught the consumers how to communicate effectively to the technical team and then led the way in designing the data warehouse we needed.

This was our third attempt at building a data warehouse and I have no doubt that without Adam it would not have been our last. He was exactly what we needed, and I recommend him and his team without reservation."

Tony Payne, Engineering Manager at Google


"Adam has the ability to understand and appreciate the business reasons for technology. He takes those business reasons to heart and always operates in the best interest of his customers. He appropriately applied the right amount of technology to solve the problem and realize the benefits."

Dave Weldon, Information Technology Executive


"Adam built a strong reputation for designing and building some very complex BI and translation type applications. His reputation and ability to execute was stellar at Iron Mountain."

Steve Dunaway, Technology & Management Consulting


"Adam has a phenomenal work ethic and everything he produces is high quality. We have benefited tremendously through Adam's contributions. He is a gem!"

Sarah McCarthy, COO