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Clarify. Measure. Inspire.

Our workshops and one-on-one executive coaching help entrepreneurs and their teams radically simplify what they need to do - and what they don't need to do.

Leveraging best practices in quantitative and qualitative leadership, the Bartlett System helps you focus on the fundamentals of your business, breaking down silos that threaten your bottom line and the future of your business.  

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4 Tools to Simplify Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Bartlett System takes a client on a three-day journey and helps them develop four powerful tools. From strategic modeling to KPIs to a radically simplified approach to the employee lifecycle. Clarify, measure and inspire. These are the tools for your organization's moonshot.


The Bartlett System's adaptation of the business model canvas. Our canvases focused on capturing the working strategy of the day to day operations of a business BMC2

Model your current business or your next strategic direction on a single page. Learn our framework to focus, align and inspire your leadership team and others. Often we are so close to our own work that it is hard to see with fresh eyes. We bring tough and insightful questions along with an outsider's open mind.


Use your business model canvas to:

  • Consistently describe and communicate how your business should work
  • Guide strategic prioritization and align executives  
  • Identify metrics that will become your organization's KPIs
  • Focus your team and clarify what you shouldn't be doing (and why not)

Learn About Our Strategic Canvas


Develop the two fundamental dashboards an entrepreneur needs to manage their business. View your organization through a lens of strategic metrics for predictive insight and clarity. From identification all the way to dashboard creation, we can support your metric journey.


Leverage your CEO dashboard to:

  • Give your strategy visibility and teeth
  • Deliver a disciplined approach to leadership alignment, course correction and focus
  • Eliminate executive level confusion, disagreement and information overload
  • Validate or adjust your strategic assumptions
  • Stop flying blind on outcomes and looking at your plan in the rear-view mirror

Learn About Our CEO Dashboards


Every one of our relationships - whether it is an employee, a vendor, a partner or a funder - works with us for the value we offer despite the frictions that are always present. Too often we interact with them without intention. Identify the value you want to provide your relationships and then create it deliberately. We guide the process and help you define what really matters to you - and them.


Get to actionable values:

  • Move beyond vaguely expressed corporate values
  • Allow teams to take ownership of their own values
  • Learn a metric-driven approach to monitoring and improving soft skills
  • Focus your teams on the behaviors that matter most to your mission
  • Engage your customers with strategic behaviors

Learn About Value & Friction


Adopt a metric-driven vision for the full employee lifecycle. Define the roles and hire into them. Tie your entrepreneurial moonshot to aspirational expectations for every role in the company. Help every one to understand what excellence mean through a fun and effective quantifiable approach that is used from the day of hire to the off board process.


Structure your organization chart to:

  • Define roles that are exciting, aspirational and mission-focused
  • Establish the core sets of responsibilities that define success
  • Support employees to clarify boundaries
  • Hire, promote and terminate with precise expectations, parameters and measures
  • Leverage metrics to monitor each functional role - quantify excellence


 Learn About the Moonshot Org Chart